Hello– I'm not exactly sure when my problem started, but at least a three months ago. Youtube works for me, but it acts as if it's completely overwhelmed. With everything I do, there is a huge delay. Even typing just a few words into the searchbar has something like a 5-second lag time.

Trying to click on things like "add to playlist" or "share" makes the site freeze up for about the same amount of time before it works. Any clickable options that you must hover your cursor over to get them to appear take at least 5 seconds too. To load a single video, I get at least one "Page unresponsive" prompt before it plays. Trying to load a playlist is by far the worst part. I get multiple "Page unresponsive" prompts that I just ignore until it finally loads. The good news is that once a video finally starts playing, playback is smooth and doesn't take much time to buffer (as long as I don't click anything else on the page). There is even a lag with scrolling.

I am using an up-to-date version of Chrome and my Macbook is running Mojave. I've tried clearing my cache and other site data multiple times. No other streaming website – or website in general – is giving me any grief. I do not pay for Youtube services, I just have a free account. Using the site during high-traffic or low-traffic hours seems to make no difference.

Any thoughts? For a while I just sorta figured YT had started privileging its paying members, but then when I looked into it more, it seems other people are not having this problem. I am not really sure. Thanks for reading. :)

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    Try Safari instead. Compare performance when only one tab is open, & no other apps are running.
    – Tetsujin
    Aug 28, 2022 at 18:52


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