The monitor is rated for a max resolution of 5120x1440, yet my iMac only shows a maximum resolution of 3840x1080 available.

I use a usb-c to displayport cable to connect the iMac with the monitor.

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I figured it out myself. The issue is displayport version:

  • If you use displayport v1.1 and v1.4, you will get 3880 x 1080

  • If you use displayport v1.2, you will get 5120 x 1440

To change, use the configuration options on the display

  • click the button at the bottom of g9 neo, select menu,
  • select system
  • select displayport version
  • select 1.2

On mac, you will get 5120 x 1440 ! like me

enter image description here

PS: If the display isn't recognized after a reboot:

  • power off g9 first. reconnect g9 with mac.
  • then restart mac, then power on g9.
  • I had to try 3 times, until g9 have signal.

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