How can I change the settings for OS X Lion so that the combination of Shift+End results in the selection of text from the current cursor position to the end of the current line? Specifically, I would like to be able to do this in Firefox, but if there is a general method that works for most/all applications, that would be ideal.

  • You may be interested in Nathan Greenstein's screencast that goes through how to be an OS X ninja with keyboard shortcuts and text: apple.blogoverflow.com/2012/03/…
    – Ian C.
    Mar 20, 2012 at 0:19

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There is a default key binding to perform this function: shift + ⌃ (control) + .

If this won't serve, you may be interesting in Jacob Rus: Customizing the Cocoa Text System which provides instructions for creating your own keybindings dictionary.

See also:
Apple Mac OS X Developer Library:Text System Defaults and Key Bindings
Ask Different: DefaultKeyBinding.dict - old-style NeXT format vs XML plist format

  • I'd rather do it the Mac way, so thanks for educating me on that. I'm still transitioning from Windows. That said, I am interested in the keybindings info as well, so thanks for that.
    – AJ.
    Mar 19, 2012 at 22:39
  • I think you made the right call. Remapping the bindings gets into areas that make me uncomfortable—and drive you crazy when you're used to a custom set up but have to use someone's stock computer.
    – jaberg
    Mar 19, 2012 at 22:44

Basically you could create ~/Library/KeyBindings/ and save a property list like this as DefaultKeyBinding.dict:

    "\UF729" = moveToBeginningOfLine:;
    "\UF72B" = moveToEndOfLine:;
    "$\UF729" = moveToBeginningOfLineAndModifySelection:;
    "$\UF72B" = moveToEndOfLineAndModifySelection:;

The custom keybindings are currently not supported by Firefox though.

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