I decided to buy an Apple MacBook Pro in my country but the layout is a bit different from the English distribution. The only question I have is if I will have any problem with the keys >< and Z.

Please check the picture attached, in the English keyboard instead of Z next to shift you have a >< key. If I change the layout config on the computer with this keyboard, will Z work when I press the >< key?

enter image description here

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The keyboard you picture is the ISO type used in Europe and is standard for Spanish. The Apple Latin American keyboard is slightly different: It has no key printed with Ç (used in Catalan).

If you use it with the US Input Source active, the <> key will produce `~ (tilde and grave accent).

If you want the <> key to produce Z (so you would then have 2 keys which do that), you would have make a custom keyboard layout with something like Ukelele.

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