I know how to change the folder icon for any other folder by pasting the image into the info box of the folder, however this does not seem to work with the "Applications" folder.

No matter what I try I still end up with the default blue folder with the "A"

I would like to use a different icon because I keep Applications in the dock and I just want something different.

MacOS Monterey 12.5

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    you can e.g. create an alias and change it icons. but more importantly: which version of MacOS? Aug 5 at 19:43
  • I tagged the question as monterey but I'll add it to the question Aug 5 at 19:53

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After opening your homefolder (to see Applications), right click and select "get info".
Drag a new image on top of the existing one and close the "Application Info" window.
Restart finder and/or the machine (whichever you're feeling more comfortable with) and that should update the icon.

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