I've been using my Apple ID since 2017 with "real@gmail.com". In an experiment to use iCloud custom domains I created "test@icloud.com" which is now tied to the account as Alias. I assumed I could just remove the iCloud when I was finished because it's just an alias and not the primary email I used to sign up for the AppleID.

Unfortunately I get the error ""This is an alias of your Apple ID email address"" with no option of removal.

enter image description here

Now this is super disappointing however upon looking up online, somebody says they had success by changing their AppleID to the iCloud (in my case test@icloud.com). Then they changed the AppleID to the email address they wanted (real@gmail.com) and the ability to delete the iCloud account populated. Since this test@icloud.com account is newer than 30 days for me, I can't test this out, but was wondering if others had experience with this method of getting an alias dissociated with your account? I just want my AppleID to be real@gmail.com and nothing else.

Link to comment explaining the option to remove the alias came up after doing the above


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