Since a few day, my HTML signature are gone on Mail. I used to edit manually the *.mailsignature files located in the ~/Library/Mail/V9/MailData/Signatures/ folder and locking them to prevent Mail to override them.

Unfortunately, since the last update, I can't select it with the combo box:

enter image description here

Note that I can't select a signature created manually either.

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Editing the *.mailsignature is clearly the wrong way to go.

I fixed my HTML signature by unchecking the Always match my default message font checkbox:

enter image description here

Copy/pasting from HTML works fine even if the preview doesn't show correctly the image. They will be rendered correctly when composing your next email with the newly created signature.


You can try to add the signature in the format with the rendered HTML. This video shows how to use a third party authoring service to copy / paste it into macOS mail app

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