I have originally a US keyboard so the degrees/up arrow sign on the top left of an ORIGINAL GERMAN KEBOARD is actually the <> keys for me.

When I do Ctrl+Y it doesn't undo, nor does ctrl+z.

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Macs don't use Ctrl Ctrl ⌃ as the main modifier, they use Cmd Cmd ⌘

Undo should still be Cmd ⌘ Z on a German Keyboard, between T & U.
Not all apps use Cmd ⌘ Y for Undo, Many use Cmd ⌘ Shift ⇧ Z instead. Adobe apps are switchable in prefs.

For any other app, you'd have to let us know which it is. Upload a photo of the actual keyboard & a snapshot of the layout from system prefs, eg

enter image description here

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