I have a Mac mini (2011) which doesn't produce any sound through the audio out. I've tried with speakers, headphones, etc,... but no sounds to hear.

What can be the problem?

  • Maybe you can find your answer on the Apple Support pages. I assume you've made sure the sound isn't on mute and you are actually playing some music? Does their happen to be a red light in the audio output by any chance?
    – Michiel
    Mar 19 '12 at 11:49
  • Do you see a prohibitory sign when you attempt to adjust the volume? Can you post a screenshot of what you see in System Preferences > Sound > Output?
    – Matt Love
    Mar 19 '12 at 12:07

Open the Sound Preferences Pane in System Preferences and make sure that the settings for output device, Output volume and Mute are set appropriately:

image of Sound Preferences Pane

You might want to plug in a set of headphones or external speakers while this panel is open to confirm that the hardware is registering correctly.

image detailing Sound Preferences pane with headphones plugged in

If those settings all seem to be correct, Apple has a knowledgebase article: Troubleshooting issues with no audio from built-in speakers on Macs

I have also seen instances when the settings in the Audio Midi Setup panel (You'll find it in the Utilities folder) are incorrect. Confirm that the settings for the Built-in Output are 44100 Hz 2 channel-24 bit.

image of Audio Midi Setup

If all of this fails, I have seen reports of this problem having being solved by reinstalling the system software. You might want to try that before taking your computer in for repair.


Possible issues:

  • Volume set too low
  • Default audio output not set correctly
  • Hardware issue, go to Apple Store if possible

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