Computer A: intel imac, 2020, monterery 12.4

Computer B: m1, macbook pro, 2020, monterey 12.4

Computer C: ipad pro, 2017

I have universal control set up between these 3 machines. The Universal Control connection works fine for a bit between the Computer A and B but then suddenly stops working. Might happen after only 10 min, but more often it takes a couple of hours before the problem occurs.

Connection between A and C is usually never lost.

To restore the connection, I turn UC off and back on.

Anyone else experiencing this? Anyone know of anything I can try to fix this annoyance?

  • I don't think it's wifi because the ipad and mbp are right next to each other. I'll lose one but not the other. Plus, the two computers are networked together. I had the same problem with and without the computers being networked.
    – StevieD
    Jun 23 at 0:03
  • Holy crap. Just happened after I finished typing this. I wonder if some 3rd party software might be the cause.
    – StevieD
    Jun 23 at 0:06

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I have similar experiences but with a much lesser frequency of occurrence.

In my opinion it has to be with the stability of the software implementation rather than the wireless interference (I ruled that one out).

I believe it will get better with future releases of macOS and iPadOS.

  • I think so as well. After I reboot the machines, it happens less frequently. But after a while, it starts to become really frequent.
    – StevieD
    Jun 23 at 0:05

No flakeyness - So far so good for me.

What’s your wireless environment look like? Lots of Bluetooth and 2.4 GHz network interference? Lots of USB-C cables that might be wearing out or not be well shielded?


If I turn off the "Cursor and Keyboard" setting on the iPad in the "Handoff" settings in "General", the problem no longer occurs.

This doesn't solve the problem, of course, as I still want to use my iPad, too.

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