On macos (Monterey/version 12) how can I toggle the microphone off/on (mute/unmute)? If there's no control for this, is there a way to script it for macos specifically to achieve the desired effect of quickly toggling the microphone?

Various apps use the microphone (eg web/webrtc calling, desktop calling/meeting apps, etc) and don't actually mute when I select that option, they simply turn off the audio stream. How can I control my own microphone from the OS instead of the various oddities and quirks of app developers (regardless of whether it's in browser or otherwise)?



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Just tried MuteKey on macOS Big Sur and it did the job very well. On my default installation, the hotkeys were ⇧ Shift+⌘ Command+W; I had to select Device > All Input Devices to get it working globally.

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Note: I'm not 100% sure if this what the original person was asking, but I had the same question on the title and this was the first result on Google, so I figured I could make it easier for the next person!

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    How is this different from the existing answer?
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    Jun 27 at 5:51
  • You're right, I hadn't noticed that the existing answer also mentions this app as one of its suggestions. Although my answer includes the fact that I tested it successfully and adds more specific instructions.
    – Ricardo
    Jun 27 at 22:21

The Sound preferences control panel provides the control for muting and adjusting the microphone in the [Input] tab. When adjusting the volume slider to the far left/down it results in the calling apps warning me my microphone is muted, as expected.

For convenience I searched in the App Store for "mute mic" and found MuteKey which when open allows toggling the microphone off and on (and has settings for opening on login).

Related to this a scripted solution is mentioned in Saaru's comment above which is super helpful and I might try as well. However that scripted solution is aiming to solve a slightly different, related problem.

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