Apple's website merely identifies it as a "5 megapixel iSight" camera. MacRumors claims that Apple is reusing older parts. I recall reading that the new iPad has a better camera than prior models, so I'm confused. Which one is it? Advanced optics or not?


No, the iPhone 4S has an 8mp camera.

The prior iPhone 4 had a 5mp camera though.

But, yes, the older iPad had a much worse camera - less than 1mp.

This would seem to show it's from the iPhone 4: The new iPad camera: we've seen it somewhere before

Megapixels aren't everything - but the new iPad certainly has the best camera in an iPad so far. The front facing camera isn't that great though, even with the rear one hugely improved.

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    It has been confirmed that the rear camera of the iPad 3rd is in fact the same as used in the iPhone 4: "Omnivision OV5650, 1.75 um pixel pitch, 5 MP back illuminated CMOS Image Sensor" – gentmatt Mar 18 '12 at 8:04

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