I am building .ipa my application for distribution. And here is he error I have got:

Encountered error while creating the IPA:
error: exportArchive: Provisioning profile "xxx.xxx.xxx" is not an "iOS In House" profile.

Here, looks like I have found the solution of my problem, but, in list of profile creating options I just don't have this iOS In House.

enter image description here

So, then I have found out, that this is because I didn't enroll Apple Developer Enterprise Program (but I have paid for apple developer account).

PS. Here is certificate and profile I have now:

  1. Certificate Type - iOS Distribution
  2. Provisioning Profile - App Store

So, is there a way to change this profile?

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I was unintentionally building the app for ad-hoc signing and not App Store signing.

This application compiles: flutter build ipa --export-options-plist=pwd/ExportOptions.plist

The settings are from a file with option strings:


Changing enterprise to app-store allows code signing to avoid needing an enterprise certificate.

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