I'm having this problem: (Apple Photo's Library from Mojave to Monterey looks stuck on updating).

I came across this (Photos: "Updating Library..." is stuck, library seems bricked) and it exactly sounds like my problem. The only thing is: I don't know how to use Disk Utility.

The external harddrive I use, is used in a network. I use it to store Apple as well as Windows files. From every device I can access this drive (by login). Can I use Disk Utility to repair my Photos Library-file on my external harddrive?

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If I am understanding you correctly you have a drive that you think has a problem and it is only attached via network?

If so then no you can't use disk utility to repair a network device. Disk utility (and for that matter any disk repair utility) is strictly for drives plugged directly into a computer of some sort.

If this drive is plugged into a server of some sort you would need to run any disk repair utilities on the server.

If this disk is on a NAS then the NAS itself will have disk repair functions of some sort.

You may also be able to unplug the drive from the server/NAS and plug it into your Mac and (assuming it is a Mac-native filesystem) repair it there.

  • I’ll check if there’s a possibility to plug the drive (NAS) directly to my Mac.
    – Ekfa
    May 19, 2022 at 17:01

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