I just upgraded to macOS Monterey 12.4 and now the flags, primarily the one for the current input source, is gone from the menu bar and was replaced with a country code.

I find the colored flags much easier to work with, also when quickly switching between inputs via a shortcut. How do I get back the flags?


macOS input source switching menu since 12.4

was / want:

macOS input source switching menu prior to 12.3

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    Go to apple.com/feedback and complain. Encourage others to do similarly.
    – benwiggy
    May 19 at 9:44
  • So color coding is more important than their UX designer thought! May 19 at 17:59
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    Template apple.com/feedback text: Subject: Allow setting custom flag for input source Text: I regularly switch between multiple input sources and used to be able to quickly tell which one I was on by glancing at the flag. Since the update to Monterey, I have to spend more time to actually find and read the input source language: - It's gray like the rest of the bar so I never quite know where to look - Reading the language actually requires more concentration and time than seeing a colored flag. See for reference [link to this post] May 30 at 13:57
  • Thanks for the feedback template @ThomasBinBDX ! 16 hours ago

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The only way to do this at present is to make a custom keyboard layout with Ukelele. It lets you add any icon you want to a keyboard, but also includes in the Resources folder in its download some .bundle files which have a number of the former layouts with their flags.

To install those layouts, put the .bundle file in Home/Library/Keyboard Layouts. To get to Home/Library, do Finder > Go while holding down the Option key.

If you need the Ukrainian layout with flag, try this.

I have not seen any official Apple notice regarding this change, which occurred May 16, 2022. Of the more than 100 keyboards in MacOS, already more than half used the country/language code type format instead of a country flag. It's possible that recent requests to decouple Russian script input from that country's flag led Apple to decide to move totally to this format.

This change may be a direct result of a companywide effort not to denote languages using country flags on Apple’s part.


Just try YouType. It shows the current indicator in the status bar as flags.

enter image description here

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