I set a shortcut for All Applications,

Ctrl+; to "Move Window to Left Side of Screen"


Ctrl+' to "Move Window to Right Side of Screen"

it works for Safari, but when I use it on Firefox, the cursor disappears, and the Window does not move.

  • Custom Shortcuts on macOS do not work for Firefox. Yes, it is very annoying. No, I do not believe they are actively working on a fix. You could still submit a bug report, though. The more attention this issue gets the more likely they are to fix it.
    – At0mic
    May 14 at 19:34

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I would guess that Firefox has built-in shortcuts (i.e. Cmd+Shift+S to take screenshots) that went into conflict with your custom shortcuts. I checked briefly on Google but didn't find any centralized built-in shortcuts settings page, maybe you'll have to dig in deeper.

  • I even attempted a few more combinations, but none of them worked, am using Chrome for the specific task as of now.
    – apostofes
    May 14 at 19:10
  • 1
    Maybe you could file a bug report at Bugzilla of Firefox? I believe the developers of Firefox can look deeper into this.
    – Léana 江
    May 14 at 19:24
  • thanks for the link, have created an issue.
    – apostofes
    May 21 at 8:10

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