Is there a way to show disk usage (and disk space left) prominently in iOS by issuing alerts when threshold is met?

I wish I could see my disk usage (and remaining disk space) like "10GB/256GB remaining" prominently every time I use my iPhone (iPhone 13, iOS 15) much like I can see the date/time and battery % every time.

Ideally I can set a threshold, below which the OS will alert me rather than depend on the OS to decide that.

Is there a way I can do this on iOS 15?

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    We strongly prefer one question per question. I’ll edit this so it’s for one os. Feel free to ask a second question for the second OS if needed. I see 4 questions. 1 how to alert and 2 how to see times two different OS in the first version of this. Great detail, let’s be sure we get the iOS experts on the iOS question.
    – bmike
    May 12, 2022 at 11:40

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Not in the status bar where date, time, battery status etc. are displayed, but you can find apps that can show disk usage in the Notification Center. Here's one example. No alerts, but you can get the info with one swipe.

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