I am currently getting requests:

"daemondo" would like to control this computer using accessibility features

The problem being, that I have not heard of this app, and I cannot recall installing it. I can deny it from gaining access, but it keeps reprompting.

Running which daemondo reveals /opt/local/bin/daemondo, yet port provides /opt/local/bin/daemondo cannot identify a port that it belongs to.

  • What is daemondo?
  • How can I stop the prompts?

On the latter question, I guess the answer involves finding the spawning process, killing it, and removing it, so any hints on identification are more than welcome.

  • The simple fix was to sudo mv $(which daemondo) $(which daemondo).bak, but I'll keep the question open as I'd like to know where this thing is coming from and if there is more clean-up to perform.
    – tifrel
    May 10 at 20:50

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daemondo is part of MacPorts itself. To quote from the documentation:

To support launchd, a program named daemondo is provided by MacPorts base that serves as an adapter between launchd and daemons (“executable” StartupItems) or traditional Unix startup scripts that start daemons (“script” StartupItems).

ref https://guide.macports.org/chunked/reference.startupitems.html

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