Sharing iPhone cellular connection with iPad proved not to be persistent.


  • iOS and iPadOS 14 latest
  • Bluetooth 4.2 is ON for both
  • 802.11ac / WiFi 5 is ON for both
  • Background refresh is OFF for both

I know options to connect are wired, BT or WiFi. Wired is not available to us. BT 4.2 has not enough bandwidth. WiFi is the choice. Continuity uses BLE anyway.

Disconnect happens 10 seconds after iPad goes to sleep. Reopen the cover and connection at times comes back on. I assumed the problem was solved by one of the most recent major OS updates. Not in my experience.

This when Instant Hotspot does connect. Most of times the iPhone in't visible in the WiFi Settings page list of available hotspots. The most puzzling of problems actually.

Relying completely on Instant Hotspot for few weeks is the requirement. Including nightly iCloud backups. How to achieve that?

Are Settings > WiFi "Ask to join networks" and "Auto join hotspot" the key here? Is Background refresh also necessary?

Thanks for sharing.

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