I want to disable the service com.apple.GameController.gamecontrollerd. There is a thread on this topic here:


However, the commands that are shown are old. First, they don't work. This service still starts with Chrome and all Chromium/Electron programs. Second, these are legacy commands according to man launchctl. I can see that this service is running via this command:

launchctl print system/com.apple.GameController.gamecontrollerd

I do not see this service listed using this command:

$ launchctl print user/myusername/com.apple.GameController.gamecontrollerd
Could not find service "com.apple.GameController.gamecontrollerd" in domain for uid: 0

This command has no effect:

sudo launchctl disable system/com.apple.GameController.gamecontrollerd

How can gamecontrollerd be disabled in such a way that prevents it from running when Chrome or Chromium/Electron programs execute?


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