When I use web inspector to view a page then go to Sources > (site URL) -> Scripts -> select ANY javascript, the right hand view is blank. Popping open the Details Sidebar lets me view the request and for each script it says the request method is GET and the Cached is Yes (memory).

If I make a page that references a javascript containing alert('hello') then load the page, I get the alert. If I then remove the code of the javascript, the reload in safari, the alert still pops up. Inspecting the file still shows that it is cached.

Develop > Empty Cache has no function. It does NOT empty the cache.

On the Network tab, I have a line through the little circle next to the trash can on the top ('Use the resource cache when loading resources'). The icon is blue. Selecting a file in the network list and inspecting the headers, it says Request: No request, served from the memory cache. Once the file is in the cache, it is seemingly there until you quit safari and launch it again. This sucks for web development.

Anyone know a way to disable cache so that it reloads from the server for all requests all the time?


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