When I work at my desk, I have an external display on top of my Mac. I have one application, let's say the mainapp on the external monitor. And another application, let's call it the console on the MacBook monitor. They are both in fullscreen and the mainapp is on top of the console.

|     Main App       |
| (external monitor) |
|                    |

  |    Console    |
  |   (MacBook)   |
  |               |

My issue is that, when I swipe from one display, the other one do not swipe too. However, I would like to swipe both on the same time.

Can we achieve that ?


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If they're both fullscreen, it cannot be done.

Each fullscreen Space is one screen & one screen only, no metter how you arrange your Spaces.
The only way round this is to use the apps maximised rather than fullscreen, then uncheck 'Displays have Separate Spaces in Mission Control Prefs.

enter image description here

This will now make your screens move as a pair - however, if you try to fullscreen any app, it will only use one of the screens, the other will remain black. As far as I know, there's no way around this limitation, hence the advice to maximise rather than fullscreen.

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