Safari (V13.1.2, High Sierra) often blocks webpages and I do not understand why. Loading a webpages often results in the message

AdBlocker detected. Please disable your ad blocker to use this page

However, I have no AdBlocker installed and there are No active Content Blockers in WebSites Preferences but Javascript is enabled and Pop-Up Windows are allowed.

Any ideas what I can still try?

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Those messages are generated by code on the website you visit, not by Safari.

It’s up to the website author, if they desire to block people from using their website who use adblockers, to write or use appropriate detection code.

Overzealous detection on the part of the website can inadvertently guess that you use an adblocker.

Check your network doesn’t block adverts. Contact the website author to report the bug.

  • thx for your message. How can I check my network that it does not block adverts. The strange thing is that in the past I had no troubles with these webpages but now it changed.
    – Bernd
    Apr 30, 2022 at 13:39

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