I'm close to losing my mind with this stupid issue. I've been trying to fix it for like 6 months now. So, push notifications from all apps are delayed or don't arrive at all. They all arrive only after like 30 minutes, or when I wake and unlock the phone. This only happens on my home Wi-Fi network, works fine on data and my friend's Wi-Fi. Here's a list of things that I've already tried to do:

  • Restored my iPhone to factory settings through iTunes and DFU mode (without restoring a backup)
  • Changed phones, I'm using an iPhone 11 right now, same issue
  • Called my ISP and asked them to replace my router, which they did (it's been also factory reset)
  • Forwarded the ports for Apple's push notification servers
  • Disabled firewall in router
  • Searched numerous internet threads and tried the potential solutions listed in them
  • A couple of other minor things that I forgot

This issue is very specific and uncommon, writing this here is probably my last resort before I move on to drastic measures, such as changing ISP's or switching to Android, but I guess I believe in miracles. So, does anybody have any idea what could be causing this weird problem?

  • Do you run your phone in low-power mode full-time? Apr 25 at 21:24
  • I did on my iPhone 8 because of the worn-down battery, but now the phone is on full power all the time. Background refreshing is also turned on both Wi-Fi and Data.
    – Adrian
    Apr 25 at 22:06
  • so I understand you know that it's ok with Android phones. You have tried two iphones. But is there a possibility to check this issue for another iphone which is not yours?
    – Andra
    Apr 26 at 17:09
  • @Andra I guess I kind of did. Today, I took my old iPhone 8 and reinstalled iOS with iTunes. Then I've created a new Apple ID on it and signed in. I've connected to my Wi-Fi and downloaded Twitter and started testing the DM push notifications. A fully clean iPhone, with factory settings, still had the same problem. There's only one common thing between the two phones - same Wi-Fi network. That's why I even created a new Apple ID. Called my ISP - not their fault, contact Apple. Contacted Apple - not their fault, contact ISP.
    – Adrian
    Apr 26 at 19:53
  • delaying happens also when you are using phone and wifi connection is active? not that the phone is loosing connection?
    – Andra
    Apr 26 at 20:05


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