I'm considering installing bootcamp to play a single game Valorant on my Macbook. I'm clearing up storage space for this very purpose, and will have only 80 GB of free storage space to likely even partition when done.

For this reason I am considering using a SanDisk Extreme Storage (256GB) Micro SD to partition for bootcamp.

If I am only running a single game, what is reasonable amount of storage to run a game like Valorant, and would using an SD be necessary/ more efficient?

  • The Boot Camp Assistant along with the Windows Installer GUI probably will not allow you to install Windows on a Micro SD. Apr 26 at 0:00

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Windows won't take more than 32 GB and Valorant is only 4 GB, it's probably best to install everything on Bootcamp. You could do a speed comparison by copying your Riot Games folder to the SD.

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