What I want to accomplish

Quickly select text with Pencil when reading things in Safari on iPad

What I'm doing:

I've accidentally discovered that tap+second tap & drag work to quickly select text on some websites. It works reliably on the websites where it works at all
Example websites where it works: reddit, support.apple.com

But it does not seem to work at all on other websites.
Example websites where it doesn't work: stackoverflow, developer.apple.com

See the video for demonstration of when it works and doesn't: https://youtu.be/bKm-CaZa4Lg


How do I make this work reliably/do text selection quickly in another fashion?

  • I'm in Stack :) and a double-click on a word selects it. Works in Safari, Chrome and Firefox.
    – Solar Mike
    Apr 25 at 6:26
  • To confirm, we're talking about double-tap with apple pencil on iPad?
    – Stvad
    Apr 25 at 6:54
  • Does not really answer this question, but I've built a better UX for doing selection/annotation at twitter.com/VladyslavSitalo/status/1519102518881492992
    – Stvad
    Apr 26 at 23:58


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