System: MacOS 12.x

How can I set up the following shortcuts:

  • Control + k = ↓
  • Control + i = ↑
  • Control + j = ←
  • Control + l = →

Paid third party software is ok, but should stay belo 10$.

Goal: I'd like to move the cursor around without leaving the basic typing position.

I've tried Automator, but

  • the action becomes too delayed and
  • presses like press control, k, k, k, release control won't work.

If I'd be on a Linux machine, I'd let Control+k, ... send arrow key keycodes via the keyboard layout file.

1 Answer 1

  1. Install Karabiner Elements.
  2. Import rules.
  3. Open the Complex modifications tab.
  4. Click Add rule.
  5. Enable the rule called Change Control + i/j/k/l to Arrows.

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