We have two iPhones, one with 16GB and one with 128GB. Both of them show a very high storage use of Photos, to the extent that the phone becomes unusable for the 16GB phone (the 128GB still has a way to go). The usage for the 16GB phone, for examples, shows around 5(!) GB on photos. I can't understand why this is the case for either phone, because I am a (paying) member of iCloud, and I ensure the pictures are uploaded there following instructions I saw online (from Apple Support).

What could be the reason Photos is using so much space on these two phones, in spite of the use of iCloud?

  • I found out why: local copy is kept with iCloud. Fretted about it with Apple support. "It's a asynchronization method, not storage point." Oh, well.
    – kloop
    Apr 22 at 17:31


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