I'm upgrading from the original iPad (2010) to the new iPad (2012). I skipped the iPad 2 and the Smart Cover, so I don't have any compatible cover accessory for the new iPad.

I did try someone else's iPad 2 and Smart Cover before, and while I think the Smart Cover design is clever, it does little to protect the iPad from a fall, or the back from scratches. And, while the magnets are strong, the Smart Cover can still separate; i.e. don't have a 4-year-old yank an iPad 2 by the Smart Cover and expect it to stay stuck!

What I would really like to shield my new iPad is something almost (but not quite) exactly like the cover I had for my original. Of course I'm referring to this:

       Original Apple iPad black cover

What I liked about the original black iPad case/cover is:

  • it protected both front and back from scratches,
  • it could be folded to stand in two orientations,
  • the rubber-like material sticking out a bit at the edges made the case absorb some of the shock of a side-impact drop (helpful if you have a four-year-old .. though she's five now and is more careful!),
  • it is tight fitting, and
  • it could be cleaned easily.

I already tried putting my new iPad into the old iPad case/cover, and some things don't line up (power button, notably), and it's lacking the camera hole at the back, and it's no longer a tight fit since the new iPad is slimmer.

Is there a third-party / aftermarket case almost exactly like the Apple one pictured above, but designed for the new iPad (2012)? I'm hoping some company might have closely matched Apple's original design.

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Targus is advertising iPad 3 cases and one of their portfolio style cases may suit you.

Many iPad 2 cases will work with the new model. Although I haven't tested any of these on a new model iPad, you might consider:

iLuv Portfolio Case with Stand

Filemate Imagine series smart cover

Beyond that, a search for iPad portfolio will produce a multitude of choices.


There are many iPad cases up on Amazon, some with the necessary cutouts for the cameras and controls of the iPad 2/3 and some without so be aware.

I have this one for my iPad2 and it's worked quite well. It's slim, has enough padding, has magnets that turn the screen on and off and allows all functionality.


The Case Crown cases are also nice but they're a bit thicker, mine's closer to the slim original Apple iPad case which my wife has on her iPad 1.


(Thought I should add this answer in case anybody comes across this page.)

Since I asked my question originally, of course Apple introduced the iPad Smart Case, which combines features from the original iPad case and the Smart Cover. The Smart Case has a front much like the Smart Cover, but includes a backing part that better protects the iPad. Reviews here and here. Here's what it looks like:

Apple iPad Smart Case

See it in the Apple Store online here.

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