How can I set up a keyboard shortcut to hide the file extension of each selected file in Finder?

For example, if ⇧⌘E were such a shortcut, I could conveniently press ⌘A to select all files in the folder and then ⇧⌘E to hide their extensions.

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Create a workflow to hide the selected files. Then assign a keyboard shortcut to the workflow.

  1. Run Automator.
  2. Create a new workflow document named Hide File Extension of type Quick Action.
  3. Add a Run AppleScript action.
  4. Set workflow receives current to files or folders in Finder. Replace the script content with:
    tell application "Finder"
        repeat with theFile in (selection as alias list)
            set extension hidden of theFile to true 
        end repeat
    end tell
  1. Save the workflow.
  2. Open System Preferences > Keyboard > Shortcuts > Services.
  3. Assign a shortcut to Files and Folders > Hide File Extension, for example ⇧⌘E.

You may need to run Hide File Extension once from Finder’s Quick Actions context menu before the keyboard shortcut will work.

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