My task

I'm looking for an iOS app that can track a set (technical name is portfolio?) of stocks:

  • show the (time, value) plot of each stock in real time (this is something even the barebone Stocks app does)
  • alert me if the prices of some stocks exceeds certain upper/lower bounds defined by me
  • must work on iOS 15.4
  • (nice-to-have) doesn't require me to sign up to some service

That's all. I don't need to buy/sell stocks: just charts & price alerts.

What I found so far, and why it's not ok for me

TD Ameritrade Mobile

  • it's a stock trading app. I just need a stock tracking app: I don't want to trade.
  • requires a TD Ameritrade account

SoFi: One-Stop-Shop Finances

  • says right in the name (one-stop-shop). I don't need to shop.

Do you have any suggestions?



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