I tried to connect a portable monitor (ASUS ZenScreen (MB16ACV)) that has a single USB-C port (no internal battery) to my iPad (7th generation with Lightning port), using the proper cables. The issue is that the iPad does not send enough power. Would it work connecting both the iPad and the monitor to a powered USB-C hub (with the proper adapting cables)? Or is there another way to power the external display via the iPad?

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I am not an expert (far from it, just a new hobbyist in the world of electronics) but I would assume that would be the solution. I can't think of another way to connect them. Check out this website by apple to see if it's a possibility, they say it is but then the trouble becomes finding a dongle that will do what you want. Hope it works out.


  • Many thanks ! I also reached the monitor manufacturer support, the answer was it should work. I will probably give it a try and buy the hub etc . Will keep the community posted
    – Sofiene
    Apr 20 at 2:47

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