We have several corporate iPhones which are intended to be managed through ADE (Apple Business Manager). The company's M365 domain has been registered w/ABM so all accounts are 'managed apple IDs'. New iPhones have been added to ABM, and are seen in Intune, but they do not pull apps...even though I've 'purchased' the apps in ABM.

Older iPhones (corporate-owned) are not in ABM, and must be brought into compliance via Company Portal. This works well enough, but I don't see my settings propagating. I configured a 6 digit PIN requirement, but devices show as compliant in Intune...when they have a 4 digit PIN. I suspect this discrepancy is because the device is flagged as 'personal' during the Company Portal setup. So, that leads to the next issue:

How can I manage both company and BOYD iPhones in Intune? I've gone through the Microsoft docs to set this up, but its not working as expected. Does anyone have a good go-to guide to get this set up start-to-finish?

We have the following scenario:

6 new Corporate iPhones, already enrolled in ABM. 6 older Corporate iPhones not enrolled in ABM. Employees are encouraged to BYOD, so the company portal app is the intended tool for securing those devices.

Thanks in advance for any tips!


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