I've been getting tired of having to open certain apps and switch network profiles when coming into the office and home.

It's not a huge annoyance, more a lazy person's inconvenience.

But I was wondering if there was a way of configuring the system based on location?

I was thinking of using Shortcuts, but if there was something better I'm open to it.

My thinking was:

  1. Get the current location
  2. Check if the location is within 10 meters my contact profile work location addess
  3. If true:
    1. Switch Network Location to "Work" profile
    2. Open work proxy app
  4. If false:
    1. Switch Network location to "Home" profile
    2. Quite work proxy app

This was for macOS and not my iPad or iPhone - if possible.

I tried looking for some of those options in the Shortcut app but couldn't find anything for switching locations or getting my contact profile addresses and narrowing it to work.

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There is no GPS in Mac so the idea of getting the location within a radius is not possible. (There are commercial options to get the Wifi location e.g. Skyhooks) but for your simple use case, I suggest you create an Apple Script that automate certain tasks.

Here is a direction you can use to continue building your own script.

Open Script Editor Utility from Applications/Utilities

Paste the following code and run it. (It opens iTunes and Quits Activity Monitor or can be used to quit any other app that is installed.

tell application "iTunes" to activate

tell application "Activity Monitor"
end tell

You can Run the script with the play button on the script editor. When you are done, you can export your script as an Application. More details can be found here.

How to write Apple Script

Here are few links to Switch Network from Apple Script.

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