A friend of mine received a phishing text message, he followed the link and arrived at a webpage looking like an apple website, he sent his iCloud account information He doesn't remember the details but he knows he was asked to validate 'something' and put his fingerprint when asked.

Anyway, the scammer(s) immediately changed the password and the associated security phone number.

He cares about his photos/videos, voice notes and contacts.

I thought about airdropping his photos/videos from his iPhone to his Mac, but since everything is synced to his iCloud account ($9,99 monthly plan) a message asking to verify the account appears immediately. Contacts are also compromised since we can't access iCloud.com to export them.

everything is pretty much locked inside the phone

Any help on how to retrieve photos, voice notes, notes and contacts is welcome


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    You will need to go through account recovery with Apple. Apr 12 at 19:46


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