I currently have 2 x 1Tb hard drives in my Mac Mini, but would like to upgrade them to make the computer faster.

Are there some 1Tb SSD drives that I should avoid? Are there some that are recommended? Do they need a specific enclosure to be fitted in?

Some SSD are $60 for 2Tb and some are $400. I would love something in between so I don't ruin myself.

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Most SATA 3 SSDs should work fine. But they must be 2.5" form factor and not more than 9.5mm high.

But have a read of EveryMac's article on this topic. At the end EveryMac advises to get one from a supplier that guarantees the SSD works with your MacMini. Find your own supplier or follow the links to their associated suppliers - like this one OWC.

If you haven't opening the Mini before, do watch the videos on how to do this. Again some links in EveryMac article.

  • Does a SATA 3 SSD need an adapter to go in the Mac Mini 2011? Or can I just plug it in directly? Apr 7 at 23:50
  • I have not done an SSD install in the Mini, but OWC sell complete kits and the videos should indicate what is needed.
    – Gilby
    Apr 8 at 0:27
  • thank you. I was just wondering if there were cheaper options than OWC. One of their HD for the Mini is around $1k 😆 Apr 8 at 0:33
  • 1
    If you already have 2 HDDs, then I would assume you could swap a HDD for SSD, without purchasing any additional hardware. At least, this is what is shown in one of the videos. Apr 8 at 1:10
  • 1
    Also, I think Gilby should have included the SSD should have a 2.5" form factor and be no greater than 9.5 mm high. Although, I think most SATA SSDs are 2.5" and 7 mm high. Apr 8 at 1:30

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