On Monterey, every time I try to open the Music app, it nags me to join Apple Music. Moreover, when I open the iTunes store and click to play a song, it nags me again to join Apple Music and does not even allow me to preview a song. No matter how many times I dismiss the nagging ad, it will repeat the ad. Any other options like buying a song are not available. What can I do to solve this?

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The only way I managed to get rid of these ads is to join the Apple Music and then after a few minutes I went to music.apple.com to cancel the subscription. After doing this, I was able again to buy songs and preview songs in the iTunes Store as I usually did on Big Sur and earlier MacOS's.


Do you have Apple Music unticked in preferences? Unticked on mine and never received a nag. It's likely it defaults to ticked on a new install for Apple to maximise exposure.

Preferences | General | Show: Apple Music

  • Hmmm… It's never nagged me, even though I found that option was ticked (until a few mins ago)! Maybe it's coz I've migrated from iTunes. (Or coz I'm not normally signed in to an Apple ID.)
    – gidds
    Aug 3, 2022 at 21:19

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