A friend said he could replace the screen on our MacBook Pro with retina display & didn’t know he was bad off on drugs at the time & he sold our 2015 MacBook Pro to his cousin which we don’t know who he is or where he lives & the jerk who has out MacBook Pro Laptop told another family member to tell us to pay him the money he paid for our MacBook Pro & then only can we get back our MacBook Pro laptop back so I just keep checking the Find My App but every time I check the Find My app it still says


✅ Notify Me When Found ↕️↕️↕️↕️↕️↕️↕️↕️↕️↕️↕️↕️↕️↕️↕️↕️↕️ { Notify Me When Found Is ✅Checked✅ }

We’ve LOCKED The MacBook Pro Laptop Already But Then Also Says

Sound & Lock Pending
Pending Actions Will Take Effect When This Mac Connects To The Internet

Which My Husband clicked on lock again & it says Lock requested on February 26 at 6:34 PM But Don’t Know Why It Still Says The Sound & Lock Is Pending

So Other Then The FindMy App Is There Any Other away That I Can Locate/ Track/ Find Our 2015 MacBook Pro

{ We Was Also Told That The Person Who Has Our MacBook Pro Laptop Still Hasn’t Ever Been Able To Get Into The MacBook Pro Laptop } so not sure how to find the location of our 2015 MacBook Pro Laptop Or If The Person Has Erased Our Apple ID from It & Started His Own Or If Our Apple ID is still On The 2015 MacBook Pro Or How To Find Out How To Know If The MacBook Pro Still Has All Our Accounts & Info Still On It Or Not

So if anyone can give me any ways to Find/ Locate/ Track Our MacBook Pro We Would Very Much Appreciate All The Help You Could Give Us To Find It Because All Of Our Backup Pictures & Pictures That We Can’t Get From The iCloud Backup Cause We Let The Additional Monthly ICloud Storage Stop So It Wouldn’t Backup Everything That We have on it & there’s stuff that can’t be replaced

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    Seems like a clear case for the police.
    – benwiggy
    Apr 4 at 13:48

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The lock is pending since Apple has not delivered the payload to the device. It needs to connect to the internet and talk with Apple servers for that.

You likely need non-technical means to locate this hardware as you’ve done all you can with Apple’s location software.

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