Out of boredom, I ran the console application that comes with macOS by default. As I was looking through some of the logs, I noticed a line that said:

"msg":"onAvengerAdvertisementDetected: got avenger advertisement", "subHarvester":"Avenger"}

coming from the subsystem com.apple.locationd.Core under the category Harvester. After looking further, I noticed a bunch of other calls using the term "advertisement" in them too. For example, there's:

{"msg":"convertToSPAdvertisement", "address":<private>, "data":<private>, "date":<private>, "rssi":<private>, "status":<private>, "reserved":<private>, "subHarvester":"Avenger"}

coming from the same subsystem and category.

Does anyone have any idea where these logs are coming from?

I'm on a MacBook Air M1 running macOS Monterrey 12.2.1

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    Can you add the full line you see in the log, and also name the log file you found them in?
    – nohillside
    Commented Apr 2, 2022 at 8:39
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    I'm seeing this as well. Very curious to find out from which app this originates. Did you figure it out?
    – thomax
    Commented May 31, 2023 at 17:54

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I can see this same console log message appear whenever I enable (in system preferences) location services for any app that asks for it. The message appeared even after I entirely wiped my computer and reinstalled the OS. By turning off location services for every app (except core system tools), I stopped seeing the message.

This whole investigation began because Google Chrome started constantly freezing on a brand new Macbook Pro.

  • Sounds like another good reason to not use Chrome, rather than going nuclear on locationd. There are thousands of messages a minute in Console that you could potentially get paranoid about without good reason. The vast majority of Console output is for Apple & Third Party devs, not for end users. Commented May 27 at 12:08

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