I am using Photos on macOS 12.3 choosing the Places album.

I get the map and can expand it so I get a thumbnail photo with a number for the number of photos in that area.

Then I double click on the thumbnail - the first couple of times it switches to a view with all the photos for that area in a grid. However after expanding and going back a few times when I double click on a thumbnail nothing happens. Well the cursor switches from the pointer to a hand so you can drag the map.

How do I reliably get from the Places album to the grid view.

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The issue is that whenever I click the mouse is not totally still.

Thus if I click once it starts a click and drag.

If I go through contortions to make the mouse totally still then I do get the places expanding.

This is a real accessibility problem,


Double click zooms, single click is enough.

  • Single click does nothing for me. (Although it works on first click after restarting the app - then maybe on the second or third location then nothing)
    – mmmmmm
    Mar 30 at 11:32

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