I'm looking for a PDF editing app with the following requirements that runs on macOS 11.6.5 (Big Sur):

  • highlight text, different colors
  • add comments/notes, same as above
  • write and draw free-hand
  • (nice-to-have, but not a strict requirement) free

Do you have any suggestions?


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It might surprise you, but the built-in Preview app has all of these features.

Here's an Apple Support article that describes all of the markup tools: https://support.apple.com/guide/preview/annotate-a-pdf-prvw11580/mac

  • This indeed surprises me. I see that I can add comments & notes, but what about freehand writing? Notes are written like regular text, using the selected font.
    – DeltaIV
    Mar 27 at 19:53

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