My native language is Chinese, not English, so I often lookup words using force click or three-finger touch. If I select force touch, then the feature works reliably. However, when I select three-finger touch, sometimes it stops working completely in an app, for example, Preview or Google Chrome. That is, three-finger touch on a word does not result in any action, but selecting a word and right-click→"look up" works.

Sometimes restarting the app solves the issue, but usually it doesn't. Sometimes disabling and re-enabling lookup works, but usually it doesn't. Changing "three-finger touch" to "force click" always solves the issue, but when changed back the issue reappears. The occurrence of this issue in one app seems to be independent of an occurrence in another app. Restarting always solves the issue.

In previous versions of macOS, I can restart hidd and usually that would solve the issue because that resets keyboard and trackpad. This no longer seems to be the case in macOS Monterey, as restarting it have no observable effect. How can I troubleshoot this issue? What process now takes the job of hidd? How can I reset keyboard and trackpad?


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