I have an iPad 3 whose battery and antenna I just replaced. It's been put back together, but left unglued and without the 4 screws connecting the LCD, for easy access while debugging.

I am a beginner so I have likely made mistakes.

Things that I know went wrong:

  • lost one of the 4 screws holding the antenna (seems to be working fine)
  • broke the connection between the speaker cable and the board. I tried to tape it back in place, it didn't work but I don't mind it that much. I mainly mention it here in case this is likely to have an influence on the main problem (since the speaker cable connection is close to the lightning port cable).

The main problem:

The device appears to be charging, but isn't. It's not losing battery either while connected, but it does turn off and restart (via the Apple logo screen) every now and then. I dissassembled the charging/lightning port again and tried cleaning it, as well as the iPad end of the charger. That alone didn't help. What seemed to help was a reccomendation I saw somewhere (can't remember where, sadly) of pressing the home and on buttons together until a charger appears. This appears to allow the device to charge for 9-10% or so, but the screen eventually changes to the normal one (where it doesn't seem to be charging anymore). I don't know what the screen with the charger represents or how to call it, in order to understand where the issue is and if it can be fixed or at least mitigated.

Would you happen to have any insights? Thank you for your time!


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