In the Finder, when using the icon view:

Gallery view

...is there a way to adjust the number of images displayed per row? Ideally, I'd want only as many images per row as fit in the window without scrolling horizontally.

For example, with an icon size of 364x364, the Finder is displaying 19 images per row. But only 4 fit. Meaning: I need to scroll horizontally constantly, which is a waste of time:

Finder gallery view scrolling on and on and on... Scrolling on and on and on...

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You don't appear to be using Gallery View. That's Icon View. Gallery view is the 4th option on those buttons.

Gallery view shows the entire folder of images in a scroll-bar along the bottom, with the selected image expanded to fit the remaining space. e.g. -

enter image description here

To make Icon View fit the window horizontally, use View menu > Sort by or View menu > Clean up by [anything other than None].

  • I just renamed the question for clarity. My point is to see lots of thumbnails without having to scroll horizontally. A simple Clean up from the right-click menu does not work, but your two options do work. Thank you! Mar 13, 2022 at 15:58

You can also run the View menu cleanup command when in icon view, which I think was your original question.

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