I use my laptop with an external keyboard, mouse and monitor when I am at home. In order to look up a word when in Firefox I have to select it and then lean forward and do a 3-finger tap on the trackpad. It would be more convenient if I could select "look up" on a page from the right-click context menu brought up using the mouse (as Chrome allows).

Is there anyway I can add this feature to Firefox? I've tried a few FF plug-ins but I haven't found one which works the way I want.

Dictionary brought up through trackpad tap

enter image description here

Firefox context menu

enter image description here

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Look Up has a system-wide key command, if that's any use to you.

Default is Cmd ⌘ Ctrl ⌃ D .

You just hover the mouse over the word you want, no click needed.

I tested it works in Firefox.

Keyboard settings in System Preferences displaying the shortcut


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