Items in a list in the macOS Reminders app are primarily rearranged (re-ordered, re-prioritized) by clicking and dragging the trackpad (or mouse). I find this slow and error-prone. I would rather use a keyboard shortcut.

I’m familiar with creating keyboard shortcuts in System Preferences when the command is listed in the menubar. However, I find none for this task.

Is there an unlisted command I can use? Is there some other means, perhaps Automator (which I’ve never used yet), a third-party app, or something else?

Thank you.

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To "move" reminder item up and down in the list with a keyboard you can use this technique:

  1. Cut reminder with ⌘X
  2. Move with ↑,↓ to the place you would like to insert it
  3. Insert reminder with ⌘V

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