I know how to mount in Linux at /mnt through the mount command, the same command exists on macos too.

After to read the following tutorial:

It uses diskutil mount instead of mount. Why?

Now, according with this other post (the solution) works:

It uses mount -t smbfs instead and not diskutil mount -t smbfs how perhaps would be expected.

Should I assume:

  • if is used mount with -t is not necessary or not should be used diskutil?
  • is mandatory use diskutil mount if -t is not required?

In man mount there is no mention of the diskutil term, all the contrary where in man umount (and mentioned in a comment in the answer/solution of the previous link)

Due to the complex and interwoven nature of Mac OS X, umount may fail often. 
It is recommended that diskutil(1) (as in, ``diskutil unmount /mnt'') be used instead.

There the indication is explicit and clear.

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The diskutil simplifies many tasks would otherwise require entering multiple commands. However, mounting a share from a remote server using SMB/CIFS protocol can not be accomplished using the diskutil command. In such a case, the mount command can be use.

The mount verb associated with the diskutil command does not have a -t option.

Basically, some tasks will require using diskutil, other tasks can be accomplished with or without diskutil, and finally, there are tasks that diskutil can not do.

When possible, I would recommend using diskutil over mount. However, you are not required to do so when mount will also work.

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