I'm looking for an app on the App Store but I forgot its name.

It is a calculator app that looks like it has been written on a noteblock.

You can store the solutions of calculations as quasi-variables and then reuse them later on.

I know it's available for the Mac and all iOS devices.

Does anyone know what app this is?


This sounds like the app Soulver which is available on Mac OS X and iOS. It allows you to use a mixture of natural language and spreadsheet/calculator functions to perform easily readable equations.


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This sounds like it could be Numi, which describes itself as follows:

Numi is a little calculator, that lives in your menu bar. It magically combines calculations with text, and allows you to share computations with other Numi users.

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Try this one as well http://www.swiftcalc-mac.com It has variables and can calculate many expressions at once

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