i want to create custom shortcuts to open folders in my mac M1 2020 13.3, so i goes to system pref' -> keyboard shortcuts -> App Shortcuts -> Create my key combination and name my folder.

But , its allow to open it through my combination key Only if i just opened it before, and its minimize to my dock, it's Not reopen it if i close the folder.

My Question: How can i make a shortcuts which will open my folders Always , even if I did not open the folder once from the moment I turned on the computer, and it is not in my dock (minimize)... i didnt find anything which could help me here! thank you!

  • Please add a screenshot of the shortcut you already have.
    – nohillside
    Feb 23 at 7:14

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You can use "Automator.app" for this. Create a "Workflow", place a "Run Shell Script" with the content like:


Save it and assign a shortcut to it.

Automator Workflow to open Downloads folder

You can also make it in Shortcuts.app by placing the "Shell Script" there. open /PATH/TO/FOLDER works in such way that it brings the Finder to front with that folder opened (if it was opened in the background). If not, new Finder window with that folder is opened.

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