I am in the process of moving from an old Apple ID to a new one.

I will refer to the old ID as ABC and the new one as XYZ.

I currently have a family sharing setup on ABC with a couple of other family members. I plan to switch over to using XYZ as my main ID.

I plan to setup a new family using XYZ and add my family members to that family.

I have some purchases on ABC that I would like to retain.

If I add XYZ to this family, install those purchases from ABC on XYZ, and then set up a new family with XYZ as organizer, will XYZ still have access to those purchases?

  • I'm not putting this as an answer because I don't have sufficient detail. But I once read instructions somewhere on how to transfer purchases from one Apple ID to another. If you do that, of course the receiving ID will have access, but the source will not.
    – WGroleau
    Nov 22, 2022 at 3:08

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My previous answer was not entirely accurate. I went through this exact scenarios a few days ago so here are my best tips to maximize an easy transition:

  • Make a list of purchases you want to retain and check if they are compatible with family sharing (for IAPs)
  • Create your new ID if needed, setup a family account (best done on a new user account on macOS + iCloud Beta)
  • Add your family and your old account (you must have enough space for everyone for this to work or remove a family member from your life it's up to you :D)
  • Log out of iCloud on your devices that use your old ID, log with the new one and everything should either sync to your new ID or just stay there as it should

Hope this helps future readers!

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